A Literature Review

A Kylie Jenner reception study

There has been a recent interest in how Kylie Jenner has become one of the greatest sensations in cosmetics, television, and social media. She constantly flaunts her wealth, body and celebrities friends. The interesting question is what exactly is she trying to portray with all her posts and how exactly is she influencing adolescents? 

Adolescents who used social media more – both overall and at night – and those who were more emotionally invested in social media experienced poorer sleep quality, lower self-esteem and higher levels of anxiety and depression. Nighttime-specific social media use predicted poorer sleep quality after controlling for anxiety, depression and self-esteem. These findings contribute to the growing body of evidence that social media use is related to various aspects of wellbeing in adolescents. 

This also leads into another question for why Kylie flaunts her materialistic belongings? Research findings show that celebrities on Instagram are influential in the purchase behavior of young female users. This makes me believe that most of her posts are really to sell her items, like her cosmetics, or to watch her family’s reality TV show to make sure that their income only increases. 

Lastly, why is it that Kylie particularly uses Instagram for most of her rather risky posts? Another study found the main reasons for Instagram use are “Surveillance,” “Documentation,” “Coolness,” and “Creativity.” Another interesting aspect of Instagram is that interpersonal interaction and narcissism are positively related to most motives for Instagram use. 

This concludes all of Kylie’s posts on her social media’s – it can be shown that she uses images to portray her wealth, her beauty, and her coolness factor to get her massive fan base. She constantly makes sure that they’re all updates with things that you can’t really find on other celebrity pages because he knows exactly what her fan base is interested in seeing. 




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