Kylie Lip Kit

Kylie was constantly ridiculed about her lips because it caught the media’s attention when her lip size grew all of a sudden. It took her a while to admit that she got lip fillers, but once she did, she marketed her lips and the lipstick colors that she used and later came out with her own line. She used all the attention that she had gotten from the media to get free marketing about her lip kit.

“This is a very good piece of marketing, scarcity is really going to do wonders for you in the marketplace,” said Zhang. “With something that people desire in short supply, you’re going to generate that frenzy.”  

A forbes article talked about her marketing strategy and how her lip kit was sold out in 7 minutes. this high premium isn’t surprising given the status that comes with the Lip Kit, the scarcity of it and the likelihood that teen consumers are chasing it.

When looking at her instagram I noted some of the responses that she got when she posted this picture:

“Rich!” “I have all of them” “So need these…making my xmas list now!” “Will these be restocked” “I WANT IT ALL” “nice” 

Almost all of the comments that had to do with the product were responding with positivity, in about every 20-30 comments I would find a few negative comments such as:

“You gave girls the wrong idea of beauty” or “I’m disappointed with your product, it’s super patchy.”




Snapchat and Social Media 

Kylie Jenner has really become more than just a reality TV show character. She has really allowed the world to be let into her life. We always want to know what exactly it is that allows us to find real appeal into a human? It’s how much we know about them and their flaws that allows us to form an opinion. Kylie has done a great job amongst millennials to show her personality, style and lifestyle to attract us into her. 

Keeping up with the Kardashians, the reality TV show that introduced young Kylie, gave her the first steps into fame, but she then took it a step further to make a name for herself. She originally started by making her own hairline that was successful and later led into her cosmetic line. 

She constantly posted on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter to keep her fans aware of what she was up to and her latest products. “She’s the most-followed celebrity on Snapchat as of July 2015, her app is on the top chart in the App Store’s entertainment category (where subscribers pay $2.99/month for exclusive content), she’s at the helm of an high-demand lip kit (ticketed at $15-$45), she runs a joint clothing line with her It-model sister Kendall (which also has a high-end extension that sells in Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom) and she recently scored a massive Puma endorsement.”

However, although Kylie was always willing to have visibility into her life, she gained a lot of hatred for her “idealized image.” People of all ages started to disagree with her lifestyle because she promoted cosmetics and plastic surgery instead of natural beauty. This hatred then led to ridicule and nowadays people have lost so much respect for her idea of beauty and are upset that the younger generations feel that they need to get plastic surgery to be considered beautiful.  


Clothing Lines

Being a Jenner comes with being a successful trend setter. These ladies could wear the most absurd outfit one day and a few days later you would see many people around the world trying to copy that same look. It’s insane how many fashion trends come out of the Kardashian closet’s. You would think that over the years that the popularity would decrease, but they have maintained their status. 

Kylie, in particular, is very into the clothing scene. She uses her social media to post her outfits so her fans could see her look for the day before the paparazzi gets to it. She often uses her snapchat camera and zooms in on specific parts of her outfit to keep up with her fashion icon image.

Kylie started her clothing interests with her older sister, Kendall when they started their line at Pacsun in 2012. That immediately blew up because their clothes were affordable and readily available in stores all around the world. They then moved into more high end stores with their own line called “Kendall + Kylie.” “The clothing line is mid-range to high-end and launched at retail stores Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Shopbop, and Revolve in February 2016.”

Within this month, Kylie moved on to start her very own lingerie line. She hinted towards this many times by just starting an Instagram account with no pictures, several snapchats promoting various clothes that no one could recognize what brand it was and then she spontaneously released her new line and got millions of followers in one day. 

This ultimately continues the image of the idealized self because she’s giving people the opportunity to dress like her – and it’s working.